A Virginia island, depending on which travelers choose to visit, can be a quick trip from various areas of the state of Virginia, as well as a few nearby states like Maryland, New Jersey, and North Carolina. Plus, Virgina islands offer several choices.

The eastern coast of Virginia stretches along the Chesapeake Bay. Beyond the bay is an expanse of islands that parallel the coastline, and beyond that is the Atlantic Ocean.

Some VA islands are bay islands, such as Tangier Island, and others sit right along the Atlantic Ocean, such as Chincoteague. Here is a list of several islands of Virginia, but there are certainly others:

  • Chincoteague
  • Tangier Island
  • Assateague (part in VA, part in MD)
  • Bay Island
  • Browns Island
  • Wallops Island
  • Craney Island
  • Smith Island
  • Bay Islands
  • Gwynns Island, VA
  • Hog Island
  • Daingerfield Island
  • Lowes Island
  • Chopawamsic Island
  • Metomkin island va
  • Mulberry island, VA

Unique findings on Virginia islands include wild horses, an abundance of blue crab, several endangered animal species that can be seen in the wild at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, and islands where golf carts, trolleys, and bicycles serve as the main form of transportation. The culture on VA islands, like on islands all over the world, is said to be slow, relaxed, and friendly. Many say time stops on these islands. One difference in islands of Virginia and other states is the local history; Virginia was one of the first areas in the Americas to be explored, so the recorded history here dates back literally to the 1500′s. Native Americans lived on these islands hundreds of years even before that, and many museums throughout these East Coast isles depict fascinating Native American history and artifacts.